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Hand Duster Puffer For Insecticide Dust Insect Dust Roach Powder Bed Bug Dust
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Grab your Hand Duster Puffer For Insecticide Dust Insect Dust Roach Powder Bed Bug Dust now!

Product Description:

Southern Homewares bellows style powder duster is the perfect tool to apply insecticide dust. This duster enables you to precisely apply dust or bait granules into cracks, crevices, wall voids, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Simply fill the powder duster half full of the appropriate dust or bait and replace the rubber stopper. This is a bellows style duster so simply squeeze the spring-enforced rubber housing and the powder will be expelled from the end of the nozzle. Works great for Diatomaceous Earth, Silica dust, boric acid, and many more!

Rugged metal and rubber construction mean this powder duster is around for the long haul and is sure to provide years of repeat use. The applicator tube measures 6.50" from the body to the end of the fine tip nozzle. Nozzle has a cap for when not in use. Bellows fill opening measures 1.39? in diameter. Includes 5.50? integrated cleaning rod.

To use simply unscrew from the rear of the housing and inset into the nozzle. This will clear any blockages. The maximum volume is 8.50 US fluid ounces. Overall dimensions are 10.00? x 2.98? x 4.45?.

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